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17th-May-2013 09:09 pm - It's been a pretty long while
Why hello, dear LJ. I've finally logged in after such a long absence. I checked my user info a little earlier and it said that I was 14. Wao. In just a few months time, I'll be 16 already. How time flies, it's insane. Anyways, here I bring to you, more JRock icons. I'm not sure whether or not if I've improved, but, I hope so.

Through time, many changes have occurred in my life. My grades are dropping, my designs are getting a little unstable as I've recently changed a laptop and i'm trying my best to get use to the new GIMP oh and I started blogging more though just 12 hours ago, the careless me decided to delete a file which leads to the issue of losing all my blog posts. How brilliant. -.- I'll probably "reblog" almost everything once I've changed my cms...again.

*Credits to original scanlators & brushes/textures designers.
I haven't touched anything Jrock for a very long while but I just had the sudden urge to design a bunch of Jrock icons so here it is. Also accepting requests, comment below! :3

Anyways, enjoy.

Version vocalists.

All icons available below:
5th-Mar-2012 05:22 pm - THE DECADE
Currently I'm just wondering what goods should I get.
I have a  limited budget... I think. But is it worth getting the BE@RBRICK & Mirror?
I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not to get a PC bag and perhaps a boston bag or the BE@RBRICK, Mirror & Pamphlet.
21st-Feb-2012 03:54 pm - Community
Recently, I didn't really enjoy posting edits and icons on my personal journal and I had this idea of creating a community for all my edits. I had this idea some time ago, way before I even posted anything on my current journal but I'm just not sure whether or not to create one. In the end, due to laziness and the negative responses, I decided to post it in my own journal. Right now, I had a change in mind and I've decided that I /will/ create a community for my graphics.

I've already created, its just that I'm still hunting for a layout to use. 
Once I find one suitable one, I'll open the community to public :D
1st-Feb-2012 10:46 pm - Happy Birthday Ruki
I'm rather late this year. I still remember, during last year, I was a really new fan of the GazettE and when Ruki's birthday came rolling in I even spent hours designing a perfect piece of graphic dedicated to him, I even sent tons of fanmails, mixing japanese and English together. During 00:00:00 JST 1.2.11 I trended the Ruki birthday tag like crazy. This year, every thing changed.

My ways of showing my love towards Ruki changed, but the amount of space he took up in my heart's still the same!

This year what I did was :
i - made several photosets dedicated to the tag AishiteRUKI.
ii - a wallpaper, just that...I couldn't upload it as it contains FC materials. 
iii - 30 icons cause our star vocalist's finally 30! \ o v o / can't believe I managed to rush these icons before 2/2

Love towards the vocalist...Collapse )
iConsCollapse )
Now that I'm done and its 15 minutes before 12 in Japan, I feel accomplished - v - I was really panicking just now... Now im gonna go to bed :) 
Scans from this book:

>>Alice nine, Nightmare, ViViD
All scans were scanned by me so please credit if used, that's all I ask for thanks ^^ 
I...skipped the interviews too ^^"
Its actually my first time scanning so..please bear the edges that were a little blurred D: Sorry m( _ _ )m

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25th-Dec-2011 04:59 pm - [Icons + Graphics] Merry Christmas~
I didn't get anything I wanted and today definitely was pretty much the worst christmas...? Nevermind, I hope you guys got what you wanted :)
Here's a little christmas present from me to you! 
>> the GazettE, BORN(Ryoga)
Textures: myrasistipsiicons
Scans: rawkstarr23ledahime 
Its a little AOI-NESS for..I have no idea what reason :X

Surprise!Collapse )

Thank you sooooooooo much Shini for scanning the pamphlet ; w ; I couldn't resist..I just had to make some icons |D
Anyways, scans by: http://shinikenshin.tumblr.com/ Shini~sama @ Tumblr ; v ;
Used a few textures by myrasis 
1 - Do not claim the graphic as yours (especially icons)
2 - Please do not re-post, relinking to my journal entry is acceptable.
3 - Please credit yumizo if used in LJ, or just credit my username if you're using outside of LJ.

Icons are below the cut ^^
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12th-Dec-2011 04:32 pm - Sales Post
Recently I've been pretty much in need of extra cash cause I'm starting to save up for my Japan trip which is...most likely end of December 2012?

Anyways, details and everything else's under the cut ~

If you're Malaysian or interested, I'm selling off my cosplay stuff over in this thread too (:

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My laptop/browser/livejournal is finally being to me and actually allows me to post something. 
Anyways for the past few days I had been working on icons as usual, I think icons kinda became an addiction to me.

Credits: ledahimebrocade_lounge 
Textures: whitebamboo @ FOOL'S MATE ViViD + v[NEU] icons
                Starbright texture@ tipsiicons

Again as usual, please credit yumizo if used withing or out of LJ. thanks ;)

22nd-Nov-2011 09:20 pm - 100 icons challenge
Today I challenged myself to 100 icons I did it! So here's 100 random icons. I could make more but I'm so tired and lazy now.
I'll make a 100 Ruki icon set some day. Anyways, this set of icons are different from my previous icons, I kinda spent more time and added more effects to these so please enjoy ^^

Disclaimer[s] - Credit for scans goes to the original scanlators.
No copyright given to any brushes or textures since.. I didn't use any lol.

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